Client Presentation Room - Salt Lake City

Case Study: Keller Williams Salt Lake City

Adaptive reuse: A success in collaboration

At a Glance

Client: Keller Williams Salt Lake City

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Client since: 2007

Project goal: Create office space with a fresh, hip look and feel in the old Granite Furniture building in Sugar House, which was being renovated for mixed use. Emphasize public spaces and collaborative work areas, in part so that successful realtors can be effective role models to newer real estate agents.

Size: 12,500 square feet

Client feedback: “The vibrancy and energy we feel from being in our new space attracts talent. Our space is amazing and beautiful. We are proud of its edgy look. It feels special for our company,” says Brenda Wilden, the market center administrator of Keller Williams Salt Lake City.

Client Presentation Room - Salt Lake City

Turning old into new

A Keller Williams real estate market center jumped at the chance to move into a landmark building that was being renovated as a mixed-use space in the trendy south side of Salt Lake City known as Sugar House.

The market center wanted a beautiful new office space among the surging development of the diverse region that would not only maintain aspects of the neighborhood’s history but also fulfill the collaborative work space needs of a modern office. The 12,500 square feet of raw space had to support the many roles of people who make a market center hum.

Keller Williams Salt Lake City hired Office Planning Solutions because it approaches every job with individualized attention and is experienced in designing innovative, multi-functional spaces.

A particular challenge was to design a cohesive, functional workflow throughout the office despite interior, load-bearing brick walls that divided the floor plan into three separate spaces.

Design elements abounding

Office Planning Solutions’ design team recommended a variety of multi-purpose solutions to meet its client’s needs.

To create a modern, edgy look, the design team mixed contemporary design with historic architectural elements, such as exposed brick walls and wooden ceiling trusses.

The town square/café was centrally located and opened to a corridor so that associates would need to walk practically through it to get to the rest of the office. Its big central table provided a spot for impromptu gatherings.

The training room was located directly across from the town square/café, and its commercial-grade overhead door could close the space when needed. When the training room door was up, the openness and connection between the two communal areas encouraged collaboration and provided overflow space for times when the training room was at capacity.

Fully enclosed, private offices lined the perimeter of the office space. The offices accommodated the team leader, administrative staff, individual agents, and large and small teams.

Wide, full-height interior windows next to the doors of all offices and conference suites allowed natural light into the rest of the space and made it bright and inviting. Low-height partitions around interior workstations housed 20 additional sales associates and visually opened up the space to keep it looking uncluttered.

Office Planning Solutions designed the entire space to function cohesively. Because the space was separated by load bearing walls, it was important to strategically disperse support staff, computer areas, and other office functions to create an energetic feel and efficient flow to the work space. Multiple copy stations provided easy access for everyone in the space. Market center leaders’ and high-volume producing mega-agent offices were also placed throughout the market center so that the mentors’ talent and potency would be accessible to all.

Salt Lake City Town Square / Café Area
I’m proud we get to work in the sexiest space around. We are in one of the oldest refurbished buildings but have all the amenities of a new one.
Brenda Willden
market center administrator

Eclectic functionality

Office Planning Solutions created an innovative space plan that met its client’s needs as well as the distinct challenges of the space. It took full advantage of the space’s capacity in terms of the number of agents the space could accommodate and in the effective use of space.

The bright, sophisticated office supports teamwork among sales associates and administrative staff, and it is flexible enough to meet business needs as they change.

“The big table in the town square/café is a great meeting spot” says the market center’s operating principal, Boyd Brown. “Lots of agents gather or just hang out there. It is nice to have that available within an office.”

The design team planned an eclectic real estate office in the hot spot of the Sugar House community that more than satisfies its client.

“I’m proud we get to work in the sexiest space around. We are in one of the oldest refurbished buildings but have all the amenities of a new one,” says Brenda Willden, the market center administrator.

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